Things I LOVE!!

Theme Thursday: Products I can’t live without.

The first thing that popped into my mind was my Dyson Animal. I love that thing and it’s purple! I always thought I hated vacuuming, but it turns out I only hated the vacuums. I’m allergic to dust so vacuuming always made me kind of sick. Also, I really hate consumables. I couldn’t stand having to buy vacuum bags. Now, I love to vacuum. It’s kind of fun and it’s so satisfying to see that canister filled with all the dust and dirt that used to be in my carpet.

The next thing that I love is my pilates reformer. It’s a pilates machine. The floor pilates came after. The guy invented the machine so that injured dancers could continue to exercise and not lose their tone. Of course, I don’t use it enough. I am constantly throwing things on it and if there is even one thing on it, I won’t use it. I’ve kept it pretty clear lately. It’s really the most amazing thing. After even just one session, I notice that when I bend to pick something up, I can bend more easily, effortlessly. Also, my posture starts to get better. After doing it consistently, everything gets better. It helps with strengthening and with flexibility. It’s completely fabulous. I bought one for my mother too and she swears it’s the only thing that has kept her going.

The third thing I love is Sanuk flip flops. They are made from yoga mats and are the most comfortable things you will ever have on your feet. I was in Hawaii with my family a few years back and made the mistake of taking cute shoes that I hadn’t road tested. We ended up walking a lot and my feet were in complete protest. I tried wearing my sister’s very expensive flip flops and they were better but my feet were still dying. The fancy hotel next to where we were staying had one pair of Sanuks, in white, in my size and I bought them, put them on, and practically never took them off again. Sanuk is Thai for happiness, and they do make my feet happy. They are kind of pricey for flip flops, $30, but they seem to last forever. They make some cuter flip flops without the yoga mat, but the ones I have are not comfortable. I noticed they had made some changes but I didn’t buy the new ones so I don’t know if they are comfortable or not – the thing between the toes was killing me. So, get the yoga mat ones – they come in about 15 colors. Below is the beginning of my Sanuk collection. There are some giraffe ones that you can’t really see but, sadly, they are uncomfortable. Not the yoga mat. They need to do more with the yoga mat ones, which, so far, are just different colors. I need the brown, the blue, and the orange next.


My Sanuk collection (so far).

My Sanuk collection (so far).


The final thing I can’t live without (I’m not including Coca Cola because I’m trying to live without it – for one thing – they knowingly continue to add the caramel coloring that they know causes cancer and it’s just too much sugar but I love the stupid stuff) is my iPad. I don’t know why, but I have a hard time reading standard books. Either the font is too small or the paper is too white or the thing is too hard to hold, there isn’t enough light. There always seems to be some issue that makes me put the book down and not pick it up again. Now, I actually read books all the way through (most of the time). Also, when I’m really stressed, I like to play a game. My current favorite is Zoo Lasso. You really need a stylus to play it (it’s easier and you don’t hurt your finger) but I found an iPad cover and stylus for $10 at Costco (I LOVE Costco!). Sometimes, if I’m having a lot of trouble concentrating on my work, I’ll play a game for a bit and I find that it wakes my brain up and gets me focused. So, as long as I can stop, it’s all good.

I could probably go on forever about products that I love. Everything I get from Costco, for instance. Some beautiful lanterns I got at the Home Goods Store come to mind. The flameless candles from Pottery Barn. Seriously, I could list a hundred things.